With its online and social media offering as part of the #innovationsland Germany digital campaign, the Federal Ministry for Education and Research narrates the stories of inspiring, inquisitive and courageous people, their potential, projects and products; and underscores the fact that Germany, a country of innovation, has many faces. These include protagonists from academia, from education, from business-oriented research and development; innovators from the world of art and culture; and people from the midst of civil society. The aim of the campaign is to present these various stories of innovation through the perspective of personal dimensions such as motivation, inspiration, courage, challenge and sometimes even failure.

The individual digital discussion and participation formats in German bring to life the topic of innovation with its individual preconditions – and acts as a motivator for reflection and action. Examples of these interactive events, in which users were and are invited to make an active contribution, are an online discussion event running for several hours in German and the regular Q&A sessions in each of which a guest reported in German on his or her professional experiences – and thus provides a window on the current insights into the #innovationsland Germany.

In the future too, Germany can and will be able to count on its outstanding education and research infrastructure, on dedicated and inspiring people, on great innovative strength and a rich tradition of innovation to tackle global challenges together with its European partners.

Be it a start-up or research institution, be it a school competition or non-profit initiative, be it a university campus or learning workshop – together many can come up with surprising technological and social innovations. Especially in the face of current challenges, such as the global pandemic – but equally for long-term challenges such as the science-driven fight against the consequences of climate change – innovations "made in Germany" also play a leading role on the international stage.